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Repairing Travertine

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Filling Travertine Tiles

Are you among the many natural stone lovers that have opted for using travertine in your home? If so, are you pleased with the appearance of your stone? Some travertine owners find that the stone begins to “open up” over time. When this happens, travertine tiles need to be filled. Why is this the case? What is used for filling travertine tiles? In this post we will explore the answers to these questions.

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Kitchen Design

Interior Design Tips

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Helpful Interior Design Tips To Spruce Up Your Home

Have you been considering a new interior design project for your home? Many others feel the same way and the article below has some great ideas to help you decorate your home. These are the tips of professionals, and they can help you improve your space!

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Choosing A Stone Fabricator

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Considerations When Selecting A Stone Fabricator

Your stone counter top choice involves much more than simply selecting a material that looks good to you. Knowing which material is right for your project is important. Should your choice be granite? How about marble? While these are important factors to consider, Selecting a stone fabricator is also critical to your project’s success. Here are some important concepts to remember when selecting a fabrication professional for your project.

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Adhesive Cartridges

Glue Cartridges – An Easier Way to Work?

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That headline might not seem like a big deal at the beginning. Professionals have developed a work flow that is comfortable for them and that they have been using for a number of years. Perhaps a new work flow or application method may seem to be more trouble than it is worth in those cases. Yet, for a new comer to the industry or the do-it-yourselfer that is just beginning to develop a system to apply stone adhesives, cartridge glue might just be the answer.

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Concrete in the Bathroom

Concrete Stone Counter Tops

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Concrete Counter Tops

Really? A counter top surface in my kitchen that is made out of concrete? The answer is yes. Concrete is becoming a more suitable material for counter tops and work tops in and around the home. This article will discuss some of the information that may be contributing to its success and growth in its popularity.

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Video Series Serves As A Nice Reference

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Video Series for DIY Audience

Some time ago I found a video series on YouTube of a very personable do-it-yourselfer that decided to remodel his kitchen and take anyone that would like to go, along for the ride. I was looking for good content at the time for a blog called and I thought that this series was a great case study of how a remodel goes. However, if you are like many people watching the videos can become time consuming quickly. So I decided to do something about that.

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Kitchen Counter

The Variety Found in The Stone Industry

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Variety in Stone Types

Look around at the homes and you will find that there are a plethora of presentations and decor comprised of stone. You will see flooring, counter tops, walls, walkways, and even furniture in some places. Why is stone so popular in design and building? What kinds of stone make good building materials and why?

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Interior Design in Michigan

Cottage Company

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Cottage Company – Harbor Springs

Quote from the Cottage Company website:

“Unwavering in their attention to authentic details, legendary customer service and environmental sensitivity, The Cottage Company of Harbor Springs has grown to become our region’s premier building and interior design firm. Along the way, they have assembled a team of highly creative, technically talented and personally pleasant professionals, who are skilled at creating amazing interior spaces, finely-built structures and sustainable communities, and who cherish the relationships built with their clients.”

Stone Counter Top Kitchen

Galleria Tile & Stone

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Galleria Stone & Tile

Quote from the galleria Stone & Tile Website:

“At Galleria Stone and Tile, we believe that your living space should reflect you. The design elements used in your home should make you feel at home. Remodeling a room isn’t just about picking tile for a backsplash or attempting to coordinate paint colors… it’s about incorporating glimmers of who you are into the space. Our philosophy is simple: the selection process is just as important as the project. We offer over 300 different types of stone slabs and thousands of tile options. This may sound overwhelming but we pride ourselves on getting to know our customers and honing in on the options that best fit their needs. Whether it’s a sea shell mosaic for your New England beach house or clean, classic Carrara to accentuate your bathroom counter space, we are experts at bringing fun, excitement, and a little bit of you into your project.”

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Photo of Mountain

Directory Launched

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Business Listings Directory

There are so many aspects to the stone industry. From the mountain to the kitchen or bath, the material that ends up as a vanity goes through a barrage of processes. And the variety or kind of stone that it is, may cause a variety of additional treatments, cuts, or techniques to be used.

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