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Monarch Marble & Granite
Address: 335 McGhee Road
Sandpoint, ID
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Short Business Description: Monarch Marble & Granite specializes in custom fabrication and installation of kitchen and bathroom countertops, showers, tub decks, fireplace surrounds, hearths, desks, table tops, and more. We are dedicated to serving our clients’ needs through communication, craftsmanship and creativity. Serving North Idaho and beyond, we stand behind all of our work with integrity, honest labor, and outstanding customer service. Quality is our top priority; we take pride in keeping our prices low and our standards high.
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Business Phone Number: (208) 263-5777
Castorena Marble & Granite
Address: 1934 E. Lincoln Ave.
Fort Collins, CO
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Short Business Description: Castorena Marble and Granite in Fort Collins, Colorado offers quality custom work and a quick turnaround time! We are fully licensed and insured and stand by our work, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all stonework.
Business Website Address: Castorena Marble & Granite
Business Phone Number: (970) 221-3090
Lustro Italiano
Address: 7606 Whitehall Executive Center Dr.
Suite #400
Charlotte, NC
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Short Business Description: Although granite is a hard material and is very durable, it is also porous. The pores in a slab of granite will absorb liquids and other substances that have a thin consistency. If the substance or liquid has pigment (is colored), then it can get into the pores of your beautiful granite counter top or vanity and cause discoloration that you would like to remove. If that happens, the color will need to be "drawn out" of the stone. Keeping up with the maintenance of your granite surface can make it easier to remove these stains. Our granite stone care kits are configured to help you care for and maintain your precious natural stone.
Business Website Address: Stone Cleaner
Business Phone Number: 704-583-1173
Business Fax: 704-583-3166
Filter Project USA
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Short Business Description: Filter Project USA is the information provider of a variety of machines for stone dust treatment. Some of the equipment is described here. You can learn more by exploring the website and checking out the various areas.
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Filtration Water Recycling
Filter Project USA is a provider of air and water filtration solutions for stone fabrication professionals. As a provider of many necessary systems used in stone fabrication, Filter Project USA is supplying fab shops with many products to enhance workflow and improve efficiency for stone fabricators. Some products available by Filter Project USA are:

Water treatment Plants
Dry Dust Collectors
Wet Dust Collectors
Mobile Dust Extractors
Filter Presses
Flocculant Systems
Lamellar Systems

Air filtration & water recycling solutions also contribute to the safety of the fabrication shop since they allow the fabricators to remove potentially harmful particles from the work environment. Water and air filtering equipment reduces the amount of stone dust that remains in the fabrication shop for workers to breathe.

Business Website Address: Filter Project USA
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Short Business Description: Whether the project is one that you will take on yourself or hire someone else to do, you will find some good tips here. But, you may be asking, “If I am going to hire someone, do I really need to know this?” Well, as you are aware, not everyone agrees on everything. That is why DIY Kitchen Guide exists – to help you weigh information about kitchen related practices, techniques, and maintenance. Let’s talk briefly about two key aspects of this site’s purpose.
Business Website Address: DIY Kitchen Guide
Top Notch Tops
Address: 12305 Cary Cir Suite #1
La Vista, NE
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Short Business Description: Top Notch Tops & Interiors is dedicated to the design, fabrication, and installation of Granite and Quartz for commercial and residential applications. We specialize in different types of home remodeling projects, especially those that involve the design, manufacture, and installation of natural stone counter tops and similar installations.
Business Website Address: Top Notch Tops
Business Phone Number: 402-932-0281
Address: 8840 Golovin St.
Anchorage, AK
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Short Business Description: Alaska's largest selection of interior and exterior surface inspirations.
Business Website Address: Pacific Tile
Business Phone Number: (907) 563-1991
Royal Designs
Address: 2418 W Peak View Rd
Phoenix, AZ
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Short Business Description: It’s never been an easier and more affordable way to add enhanced value and a touch of class to your home than with granite. Granite has been used for hundred years for it’s luxurious and elegant look it brings inside the home.
Business Website Address: Royal Designs
Business Phone Number: (602) 885-1418
Business Fax: (602) 457-0106
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Short Business Description: This site will consist of a variety of information about granite. I plan on researching and documenting the various kinds of granite as well as the different colors, uses and even how to care for the natural stone and what can be done to maintain and protect its amazing appearance.
Business Website Address: Planet granite
Forte Stone
Address: 6464 Hollister Avenue, Suite 6, Goleta, CA
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Business Website Address: Forte Stone
Business Phone Number: (805) 685-6202