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Planet Granite
This site will consist of a variety of information about granite. I plan on researching and documenting the various kinds of granite as well as the different colors, uses and even how to care for the natural stone and what can be done to maintain and protect its amazing appearance.
Planet granite
Weha USA
7606 Whitehall Executive Center Drive
Suite #400
Weha Germany has opened up a USA branch located in Charlotte, NC. The purpose was to better serve the US market. Weha is a manufacturer of many different products: Stone material handling equipment, granite and stone transport, stone storage systems, Slab A frames, clamps, Slab and stone vacuum lifters, scissor lifters, air tools, monument tools, diamond tools, etc. Weha also works with outside manufacturers to produce premium, custom products, made exclusively for Weha.
Granite Saws
Rocket Supply
940 S. Jason St. Suite 3
Denver, CO
Rocket Supply is a distributor of tools, supplies and equipment for the stone, tile and concrete industries.
Rocket Supply
(303) 744-7004
(303) 744-7054
Granite Diamond Blades
This website was built to provide a resource for stone fabrication professionals. Additionally, others interested in diamond granite blades will find the information here informative as well.
Granite Diamond Blades
(704) 940-0115
American Stone
4040 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, UT
Natural Stone Fire Slabs and Pits are available at American Stone. These fire pits are easy to assemble for homeowners and landscapers. The ambiance created is an added feature to any outdoor space.
American Stone
(801) 262-4300
Pacific Tile Alask
8840 Golovin St.
Anchorage, AK
Alaska's largest selection of interior and exterior surface inspirations.
Pacific Tile
(907) 563-1991
Lustro Italiano
7606 Whitehall Executive Center Dr.
Suite #400
Charlotte, NC
Although granite is a hard material and is very durable, it is also porous. The pores in a slab of granite will absorb liquids and other substances that have a thin consistency. If the substance or liquid has pigment (is colored), then it can get into the pores of your beautiful granite counter top or vanity and cause discoloration that you would like to remove. If that happens, the color will need to be "drawn out" of the stone. Keeping up with the maintenance of your granite surface can make it easier to remove these stains. Our granite stone care kits are configured to help you care for and maintain your precious natural stone.
Stone Cleaner
Classic Marble & Stone
2411 Hinson Road
El Dorado, AR
Our team of Experts has over 50 years of experience. We understand the importance in having YOUR product delivered on time and done right. Our goal is to make your dream kitchen come true!
Classic Marble & Granite
(870) 863-5033
Bedrock Granite
3780 State Road 60
Slinger, WI
Every home is unique; so we are in constant communication with you during the planning and installation of your granite project. Our goal is to help you fully use whatever material you purchase. Often there is enough left over to do something extra; perhaps full height backsplash, a bathroom, or an accent table! Whether you are a DIY Homeowner or are working with or are in need of a contractor, BEDROCK GRANITE can help!
Bedrock Granite
Royal Designs
2418 W Peak View Rd
Phoenix, AZ
It’s never been an easier and more affordable way to add enhanced value and a touch of class to your home than with granite. Granite has been used for hundred years for it’s luxurious and elegant look it brings inside the home.
Royal Designs
(602) 885-1418
(602) 457-0106