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Select Stone Tools

Select Stone Tools is an online tooling distributor that supplies stone fabricators with the necessities to fabricate stone. SST also supplies a level of service that becomes an extension of the fabricators business.

There are a number of machines, tools, and supplies that are necessary for a fabrication shop to run efficiently with productivity and profitability. Select Stone Tools is an online distributor for assisting with that goal. Some of the equipment available form Select stone tools includes the following:

Diamond Blades
Stone Polishing Pads
Diamond Core Bits
Edge Profiles for Stone
Air Polishing Equipment

Diamond Blades

When working with natural and engineered stone surfaces it is necessary to cut using saw blades that are designed for the kind of material you are cutting. Since there are a variety of materials used in the stone industry for countertops and other surfaces, there are a variety of blades from which to choose. For example, one blade is best used for marble while another does an outstanding job on quartzite. On this distributor site, you can browse many diamond blades.

Polishing Pads for Stone

Like the blades mentioned above, stone surfaces are polished using specialized polishing pads. Wet polishing pads and dry polishing pads are not the only variations available. Hand pads, turbo polishing pads, pads for quartz, light color material pads, and more are also versions used by fabricators.

Core Bits

Drilling holes for faucets, soap dispensers and other fixtures that must be installed into the countertop itself takes bits designed for the task. Whether it is porcelain, granite, or a quartz surface, having the correct core bit is important.

Edge Profiles

The project's finishing touches includes many elements. One of the design elements that makes an otherwise good job great is the edge profile. Tools for edge profiling take the project to the next level.

Air Polishers & Parts

Using polishing pads and disks, requires a machine that dirves the work. Fabricators use air polishers for this purpose.

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