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No-lift Stone Install System

Cost Saving Tool

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A Cost Saving Material Handling Tool

If you run a fabrication shop, you no doubt have found that there are some costly challenges that make your job more difficult. It may seem like your pool of potential stone installers is shrinking everyday. Moreover, you may have suffered some costly injuries from employees handling very heavy slabs during installation projects. And let’s not forget the cost of having to send 4 installers at times to set and install a countertop.

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Repairing Travertine

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Filling Travertine Tiles

Are you among the many natural stone lovers that have opted for using travertine in your home? If so, are you pleased with the appearance of your stone? Some travertine owners find that the stone begins to “open up” over time. When this happens, travertine tiles need to be filled. Why is this the case? What is used for filling travertine tiles? In this post we will explore the answers to these questions.

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Kitchen Design

Interior Design Tips

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Helpful Interior Design Tips To Spruce Up Your Home

Have you been considering a new interior design project for your home? Many others feel the same way and the article below has some great ideas to help you decorate your home. These are the tips of professionals, and they can help you improve your space!

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