Concrete Stone Counter Tops

Concrete Counter Tops

Really? A counter top surface in my kitchen that is made out of concrete? The answer is yes. Concrete is becoming a more suitable material for counter tops and work tops in and around the home. This article will discuss some of the information that may be contributing to its success and growth in its popularity.

Brown Concrete Countertop


Although concrete counters are considered to be a “manufactured stone”, there are “natural” components in them. The natural materials in concrete counters and work tops include rock and sand. These materials get mixed together with a bonding agent or polymer resin. Then they are reinforced with modern techniques to produce the material that is formed into a solid surface.

It used to be that concrete counter tops could be subject to staining or cracking. However, the use of the aforementioned polymer resins alleviate the tendency for concrete to shrink over a period of time. So it is less of a concern now and the popularity of concrete as a material for counter tops is growing. But what about looks?

Design Variety is Possible

You may be wondering if concrete can be decorative and what types of “look and feel” one might be able to produce with this counter top material. That would be a good question. Let’s look at some possibilities briefly.

One noticeable feature of some of the newer concrete counters is the smooth finish that seems to have luster. Another is the variety of combinations that this rustic style material can be paired with to enhance the presentation. Some of the materials it can be combines with include:

  • Glass
  • Tile
  • Brass
  • Granite

The combination of concrete with other materials is not the only technique that can bolster its appearance. There are other treatments that can enhance a concrete counter or work top.

Concrete Coloring

One technique for dialing up the presentation of your concrete counter top is coloring the concrete. By using some creativity, you can really make the characteristics of a concrete counter top stand out.

Concrete in the Bathroom

Integral pigments are a common way to color concrete. Though it is not the only method used, it is one that is used often. Vanities, work tops or even kitchen counters have benefited form it. The pigments are mixed into the concrete and can really make the concrete “shine”. They offer a huge color range and can vary in intensity; ranging from subtle to intense.

Texturing Concrete

Another way to change up the standard appearance of this type of stone counter is to texture it. There are several texturing products available for creating a texture on concrete counter tops. The range from marbleizing and veining to even finishes that look like wood. The treatments can be found via a simple search on Google for “concrete counter top texturing”.

So in conclusion, concrete can be a true contender in the realm of counter top materials. Its versatility, and durable nature are appealing. Also, its technological advancements make it a worth while choice for some designs.

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