Cost Saving Tool

A Cost Saving Material Handling Tool

If you run a fabrication shop, you no doubt have found that there are some costly challenges that make your job more difficult. It may seem like your pool of potential stone installers is shrinking everyday. Moreover, you may have suffered some costly injuries from employees handling very heavy slabs during installation projects. And let’s not forget the cost of having to send 4 installers at times to set and install a countertop.

The points mentioned in the previous paragraph are just three reasons you may want to look at a cost saving material handling tool like the no-lift stone install system.

Cost Saving Stone Tool

More Potential Employees & A Longer Career

As a business owner you no doubt understand the concept of supply and demand. The shorter the supply of something is, the more the cost increases. Having a larger supply of the same resource means you will save on expenses. It is similar with the pool of potential employees.

There is no way for business owners to stop the aging process. If you are a fabricator running your own shop and you have many years experience, you may feel like age is starting to make your work more challenging. However, this product is the equalizer for the fabricator that is to wise to wrestle slabs into place and struggle to lift sheets of stone into position.

Reduce Injuries On Installs

Even if your installers are young, strong individuals that are full of energy this material handling equipment can still save you in costly events. If you have ever had an employee take on a slab that was just a bit much to handle because the weight was underestimated or because your install team was one person short the value is obvious.

The no-lift system offers fabrication shops and installers a near effortless way to hoist and position sheets and L-shaped stone slabs on installs and in the shop. This means less work for the installer’s back and legs. Translating into savings by reducing injuries.

Smaller Install Crews Means Increased Profits

You already know that increasing efficiency makes your profits skyrocket. Well this material handling product means that in some cases you could reduce your install teams to half the size. By using the no-lift system your installers do not need to be so numerous since the hoisting of the surface is easier. Thus, your four person crews can be downsizes to 2 person crews.

By taking a four person crew to two people, you have the option of sending the other two installers to another install. This means that you could potentially double your installs and by extension, your profit.

In conclusion, there are many material handling machines for installing stone out there to help fabricators increase productivity. However, often times they are large, technology driven products that cost a pretty penny. The no-lift system though is simple mechanical material handling equipment designed to help small and large shops alike.

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