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There are so many aspects to the stone industry. From the mountain to the kitchen or bath, the material that ends up as a vanity goes through a barrage of processes. And the variety or kind of stone that it is, may cause a variety of additional treatments, cuts, or techniques to be used.

Selecting the professionals that will work with your stone can make a difference. has launched a new directory to assist you in looking up information regarding professionals in the stone industry. Some of the categories in which businesses are listed include:

Stone Fabricators

Stone fabricators have a category on the site. Included in this area are businesses that either offer fabrication or installation services for stone.

Stone Distribution

Distributors would be businesses that have showrooms of stone slabs that can be selected for installation in a home or business.

Stone Designers

Interior designers or interior decorators that either have portfolios or offer design services that incorporate stone materials into the designs .

Builders Using Stone

Home builders are listed on the site because they no doubt offer services that could potentially include stone as a material.

Stone Equipment and Tools

Any business that offers tools like slab carts, polishing pads, or grinders for fabricators. This category would also include businesses that sell saws or other machines related to the stone industry.

Information Websites

In addition to this site offering articles and posts that deal with granite, marble, soapstone, concrete, travertine, and other natural or engineered stone, this area of the site will list other blogs that talk about various aspects of the stone industry.

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