Glue Cartridges – An Easier Way to Work?

That headline might not seem like a big deal at the beginning. Professionals have developed a work flow that is comfortable for them and that they have been using for a number of years. Perhaps a new work flow or application method may seem to be more trouble than it is worth in those cases. Yet, for a new comer to the industry or the do-it-yourselfer that is just beginning to develop a system to apply stone adhesives, cartridge glue might just be the answer.

Glue Cartridges

Not for All Tasks

To start the discussion, and to clarify, glue cartridges are not the best application choice for every stone bonding task. There are some projects that will require an application method that delivers more adhesive to a larger surface. For those tasks a glue cartridge may not be the proper choice for applying the glue.

Perfect for Other Jobs

Even though cartridge glue is not the best choice for every project or task, glue guns definitely shine for other tasks that are encountered in stone fabrication. For example, installing a granite counter top in a home or gluing a seam in a marble vanity surface. For these kinds of tasks, a method for dispensing seam adhesive in a controlled manner can be very beneficial and practical. However, finding a great glue delivery system will require considering a few factors.

Which Cartridge Glue and Guns?

That is the natural question to ask after deciding that your project can benefit by using  cartridge glue to bond stone seams and counter tops. But what should you consider when selecting a stone adhesive dispensing system?

First, it is good to realize that not all glue is the same. Additionally, choosing the right glue  can make your life easier if your are the one applying it. Some stone adhesive is formulated to a “thin” consistency and will “run” when it is dispensed. This can cause the person applying the glue to hurry through the process before the glue drips onto the floor. These kinds of stone glue may be less expensive, but that alone does not translate to better. After all, the glue is supposed to go on the stone not the floor, right?

In researching available cartridge glue solutions, you will likely come across a variety of choices. Among those you will find a whole category of cartridge glue from Tenax. Besides offering popular glue products, this website also offers other stone products and is the choice for many professionals who want to stop fighting glue. If it makes the work easier for pros, then the novice installer can no doubt enjoy the benefits too.

In the end, choosing a glue application method will really depend on what you are trying to accomplish. However, if you are installing a counter top in your kitchen or bathroom, you may find that cartridge glue is your answer.

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